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Lutalo by SummerJackel Lutalo by SummerJackel
The color version. He is an African Wild Dog, IMHO one of the most beautiful species on the planet. Bit of a stress to color, though. He was worth it.
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PeppermintSilk Featured By Owner May 24, 2004
Oh! I really like the color! Very well drawn! (If you're wondering about my half of the art trade, go to my page and look at my journal. :nod: That should update you as to what's going on.)
sebastiangreyfox Featured By Owner May 15, 2004
oh kick ass... see... Frysco's been hinting at commissioning me for a long time to do this character and I've been wishing he'd just do it so I could make nice Lutalo art. =)
SummerJackel Featured By Owner May 15, 2004
He's a lovely character, isn't he? And the fursuit of him is my very favorite ever.

If you do a Lutalo pic I wanna see it.

I think I may need to draw more cape dogs. The coloring, though...I'm such a lazy creature.
Eynjehl Featured By Owner May 14, 2004
waw!! thats awesome! the idea is so cool and it comes together really well! just too awesome, must fav! :D
WielderOfTwilight Featured By Owner May 14, 2004
Hey! Sweet, the only other person I have ever seen do a Capedog was Goldenwolf [link] ^^; Remembering her pic drew me to yours, well done!
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May 14, 2004
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